Moving to a new city, and want to see how your current salary should scale?

Most calculators use a standard country currency conversion. This is so wrong - moving to London is not the same as Edinburgh, just like how moving to San Francisco is not the same as South Dakota. What we need instead are cost of living multipliers based on the city, not the country.

That’s exactly what this calculator does. Companies like Gitlab and PostHog use similar multipliers to calculate how to pay remote employees.

It features 300+ cities and 100+ countries. It takes into account cost of living, income tax, and currency rates (mostly). You can compare across countries as well. Moving from London to Amsterdam? or London to San Francisco? You’re covered, just choose the appropriate cities below.

Calculate Equivalent Salary

Current City
New City

How It Works

You can choose your current location, and input your current salary. Then, choose where you’re planning to move, and you’ll get an equivalent salary.

This is calculated using the location factors of both places - the numbers you see in the selection box. These numbers are relative to the cost of living in San Francisco. I’m using the same multipliers that PostHog uses (thanks for keeping them open!)

Further, since you’ll be paid in the local currency of the new city, the calculator converts your local currency into the new city’s currency.

Privacy Protected

This page makes no server requests1 - all the calculations are literally running on your machine, so no one can see what you input.

Even this ad you (might) see below was chosen from a small set, and is not algorithm-targeted. They’re ads I think might be relevant to you.

London to Dublin

£100,000 in London equates to € in Dublin

London to Amsterdam

£100,000 in London equates to € in Amsterdam

London to Tokyo

£100,000 in London equates to ¥ in Tokyo

San Francisco to Austin

$100,000 in San Francisco equates to $ in Austin.

San Francisco to Boston

$100,000 in San Francisco equates to $ in Boston.

San Francisco to London

$100,000 in San Francisco equates to £ in London.

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